MADA Open Day

Lead by Wendy Ellerton, a small group of students were hired by Monash University over the mid-semester break to design for MADA (Monash Art Design & Architecture).

I worked with Sophie Ereglidis to design and develop the identity for the 2014 MADA Open Day. Developing the MADA identity further, we took on John Warwicker’s ideas of ever-shifting play and created a more organic, hand-generated identity for the Open Day that still drew upon Warwicker’s outline for the MADA identity. Designing the t-shirts, web presence and folders, we had further help from Domenico Mazza, Amery Johnston, Lachlan Siu and Sonja Petrovic extending the identity out to a new and extensive wayfinding system. Along with the identity, we also worked together to invent games and activities for the Open Day, asking students to participate and gain a sense of what it is like to be studying a creative field at MADA.