Hi there!

I’m a Melbourne-based communication (graphic) designer striving to make a social difference through my work.

I see all of my creations as a way to express and share my beliefs with the world. I hope to share my thoughts for a happier and more humane world; to encourage discussion and a desire in everyone to actively take part.

When I design, my main aim is to communicate my concepts, whilst also seeking a level of beauty through the craftsmanship of design. I’d rather convey my messages or have the viewers of my work stop and think than create work that is merely pretty or trendy.

I graduated from the Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at MADA at Monash University in 2013 and have finished a further year studying Honours. Throughout the year I have tackled the lack of engagement with politics and political issues that I have come across in Australia. Hoping to use the powerful language of graphic design to encourage interest and educate the public, I have started to devise a number of design pieces that explore a range of issues surrounding politics. One day, I hope they will form an exhibition that will reach a wide range of Australians and encourage true political self-expression. I believe this will be a personal project I will be developing for many years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work,
I hope it has given you some joy, or provoked a thought or two.